Basically once Labor Day has passed, we spend our time gearing up for Halloween, which means apple cider, carving pumpkins, and loads and loads of terrible scary movies. The only problem is that there are bad scary movies and then there are *bad* scary movies, and the only way to tell the difference between the two usually involves sacrificing 40 minutes or so of your life.

We decided to spare you the time and put together a list of our favorite awesomely bad scary movies that are available to watch instantly on Netflix (we secretly think some of them are just awesome). So now you pretty much have the rest of October planned for yourself. Here are clips and trailers for our choices. Remember these are "scary" movies, so it's safe to assume NSFW.

Until recently we assumed everybody's already seen this movie, but it turns out that's not the case (which sort of explains our lack of childhood friends). So we put it at the top to make sure it gets watched, because it is a movie about Killer clowns from outer space, and you don't know the meaning of ridiculous until you see somebody get murdered by a balloon animal.

Another childhood favorite, this one has not lived up to the test of time quite as well as we hoped it would, although it is certainly better than the other 'Children of the Corn' movies, which are also available on Netflix if you're that kind of person. Although if you want to watch an entire series of something, all of the 'Hellraiser' movies are on Netflix, and that will steal waaaay more of your time.

It's a valley girls versus comet-induced zombie apocalypse. It's got '80s-style shopping scenes! And zombies! Definitely worth a watch.

It's hard to say if this movie is enjoyable, or if it's just enjoyable to wince at Billy Zane, who must be so, so embarrassed about this one. 'Demon Knight' also stars Dick Miller, who is used to such humiliation. But poor Billy. Hey, maybe this was the part that landed him 'Titanic.' Right? That makes it seem better.

The fourth (seriously) installment of 'The Crow' series features Edward Furlong as the Crow. And, if that's not enough, it's also got Tara Reid, and David Boreanaz as a guy who becomes the devil. But most importantly, it's got Dennis Hopper as a street pimp who calls women "shorties" and is named El Niño. This is definitely more on the "bad" side than the "awesome" side of things.

Alright, so they don't have 'Blacula,' but that doesn't mean that Netflix doesn't have the sequel. If you're a big fan of blaxpoitation or at least Pam Grier, and somehow you haven't seen this already, now is definitely the time.

'Parents' was Bob Balaban's directorial debut and features Randy Quaid doing what he does best. Acting crazy. It's a little more subtle in this movie than in real life, but his kid is definitely right when he starts thinking something is slightly off about his parents.

We can't all have always been Magnum, P.I. For example, Tom Selleck had to do 'Daughters of Satan' first. Look at that mustache run!

This year, why not watch Donald Pleasence in something other than 'Halloween'? Not 'Escape From New York.' Not 'Escape to Witch Mountain.' No escaping! 'Raw Meat,' AKA 'Death Line' features Pleasence doing what he does best -- investigating. This time it's cannibals in the London subway tunnels!

You don't very often see a film about how tough male witches are. This movie is probably why. Also, the prevalence of Manwich as a popular and convenient dinner could have something to do with it. But mostly this movie.

Maybe this is technically more of an action movie, but it's got a swamp monster and was directed by Wes Craven, and it's entertaining, so we say watch it. Also, do not confuse it with the TV series. Never, ever do that.

If you like to shake your head emphatically back and forth while shouting, "Henry Fonda NOOO! WHYYYYYY?!" then 'Tentacles' is the movie for you. It's like 'Jaws,' but with an octopus instead, and yes we know that's not the same thing at all, but hey look is that John Huston? Yes. Yes it is.

There's no stronger example of the original being better than the sequel, and this movie's not even that good to begin with! If you've only seen the sequel, the two don't really have anything in common. Except for trolls. There are trolls.

If you *haven't* seen 'Troll 2,' there's no time like the present. Just so you know, it really is as bad as this clip makes it seem like it is. In fact, it's worse. It's pretty amazing. Do it.

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