Ugh. Hearing that an assistant principal is accused of buying alcohol for a minor makes my stomach turn.

Michael Pate is currently an assistant principal at Carmody Middle School in Lakewood and also has been an assistant director at Outdoor Lab here in Colorado.

Sadly those that have been entrusted to lead our youth can't always be trusted. Buying alcohol for a minor when you are one the leaders is not okay.

To be fair it's uncertain if the minor is a student or not.

One thing that hits a nerve here for me is that my oldest son attended Carmody Middle School.

If anyone ever offered my child alcohol and they were underaged I would have a complete cow. This is when you'd see mama bear come out of the cave and destroy you. Just sayin'.

Contributing to the Delinquency of a Minore in Colorado is class four felony. Michael Pate was suspended without pay while under investigation but since has resigned his position.

There are still a lot of unknowns here. It'll be interesting to see how all this unfolds. My hope will be that Pate goes free from all charges and these accusations are not true.

I guess the truth will be revealed eventually. Like I've been taught from my spiritual father; "truth and time go hand and hand," and I believe this holds true here too.

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