An Aspen police officer responded to a call and checked on a 70-something-year-old. Officer Johnson ended up cleaning their apartment and stocking their fridge.

Officer Jeremy Johnson didn't brag about this, but the Aspen Police Department did when they found out what he did. Officer Johnson responded to a call about the well being of a 70-something-year-old. This person is suffering from a medical condition and took a really long time to answer the door.

When Officer Johnson finally got inside to check on them, he saw tracks of blood and an emptry refridgerateor. Instead of just checking on this eldery person and leaving, he did so much much.

Officer Johnson actually went to the store, bought a mop and bags of groceries, according to the Aspen Police Department's Facebook. He cleaned their apartment and stocked their fridge because well, that's just the kind of person he is.

The Aspen Police Department also added this on their Facebook:

We all aspire to be like Jeremy. When you're struggling with the hollowing out of our culture, the divisiveness of our politics, and the concern that we no longer have community think of Jeremy who doesn't wait for the rest culture, but instead, models the behavior that our country needs. Be like Jeremy.

I think we have all have something to learn from Officer Jeremy Johnson. A kind gesture can go a long way, and I'm sure that 70-something-year-old will never forget what Officer Johnson did for them.

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