Being a total concert junkie, I've always wanted to live near a music venue. You hear stories of people living above or next to places like New York's CBGB or Hollywood's Rainbow Bar and Grill and it sounds so cool to be connected to live music like that.

Well, this situation could almost become a reality as there are currently two apartments for sale in Aspen, Colorado just steps away from the popular ski town's legendary Belly Up Aspen music venue.

Location of Aspen Colorado Apartments and Music Venue

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The two apartments are located inside the Independence Square Hotel at 404 S. Galena Street, Units 307 and 308. Now, if you've been to the Belly Up Aspen you've probably walked right past this building as the Belly Up is basically next door at 450 S. Galena Street.

Both buildings are right in the heart of downtown Aspen and have spectacular views of the famous ski mountain as well.

Info About the Colorado Apartments Next to Belly Up Aspen

The apartment inside the Independence Square Hotel known as unit 307 is a studio apartment with one bathroom and is 300 square feet in size. The current asking price for this unit is $1,050,000.

The other home, unit 308 of the Independence Square hotel, is a one-bedroom apartment, also with one bathroom and also 300 square feet in area. The current asking price for this unit is $1,475,000.

Of course, Aspen is never an inexpensive place to live and these apartments, while rather small, are located in a beautiful area of the popular ski town. Did I mention that the Belly Up Aspen music venue is basically next door?

Take a virtual tour of these two apartments:

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