Man's best friend has a thing for eating human poop. Some humans have a thing for not abiding by 'leave no trace.' That leads to these Pot Dogs.

It's not like the dogs want Cheetos and to play fetch with a frisbee. Most dogs, (not your dog, of course) see some poop, and they eat it. When the poop has marijuana still int it these pooches get high from it. Then they stagger around, pee all over; all sorts of not-fun-for-dogs stuff. Poor, Jimmy James...

The Denver Post and the Aspen Times are reporting on how dogs have been eating human feces left behind by hikers and campers on trails and campsites, with enough THC in the poop that dogs are getting high.

One Vet in the Aspen area has seen 3-10 dogs a week suffering from this marijuana toxicity. The Aspen Times says that San Francisco sees this a LOT with their big homeless population problem, where those folks also poop just about everywhere.

Seems like an easy fix: Pack it in, pack it out; leave no trace. Just like the signs say. Humans can read, right?

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