Get ready to ignore most of what you hear today! Here are some of the pranks you can expect to see.

It seems that most of the April Fool's Day pranks we will see today will be on the internet. Unless you have one of "those" people in your office, then you might end up getting pranked at work.

The first video was a prank Google Maps is doing today. They were trying to get people to us Google Maps to catch Pokemon for a job opportunity with them as Pokemon Master. I think it's just a ploy to get more people to download the Google Maps app. Here are some more pranks to look out for...

If you haven't seen the promo's on CBS, Craig Ferguson and Drew Carey switched jobs today. Craig is hosting the Price is Right, and you can catch Drew Carey hosting the Late Late Show tonight:


Up next, Sir Richard Branson and Virgin are apparently upping the game with your comfort level on Virgin Air flights. They've teamed up with Nest, so you will now be able to adjust the temperature of the area near your seat:


The team at Daily ReHash put together a recap of some of the more popular pranks in the past. It might give you an idea of what to look out for today and give you a sense of April Fool's nostalgia:


Finally, if YOU'RE the one who is going to do the pranking, here are some ideas for you! Maybe it'll give you some ideas, and hey, you can just blame me if you get in trouble at work:


So, if you are going to be doing any pranks, what are you going to do? Also, do you have any ideas for me? I think Dan could use a nice prank today. Happy Fooling!