You and your kids are ready to go trick-or-treating! Whether you are sending them out for the first time or they are pro's at this. These apps can help you keep an eye on your kids.

Halloween can be a very exciting time for kids. As parents, we want to ensure that when we send our kids out, they have fun, and stay safe. There are 3 apps that can help you do just that according to

1. Track N Treat- This app allows not only you be able to keep an eye on your kids, but you also can allow other friends who your kids might be visiting to be able to see where they are as well. It is a safe list of friends who will be able to help you keep your kids safe. This app also allows you to upload a current photo and information.

2.  FBI Child ID- This can come in handy in any situation, not just Halloween. The FBI created this to help parents store identifying information about your child — like height and weight — as well as photos. The app also lets you email that information to authorities if necessary. This app can save time in an emergency situation.

3. Flashlight App- Kids sometimes use the flashlight on their phones, and in the dark, that makes sense. However, sometimes it is hard for kids to activate a flashlight on the phone, or the light on the phone is not bright enough. That is where this app comes in. The app makes it simple to activate the light and makes it illuminate brighter than the stock phone flashlight.

Using one or more of these apps, can help to make everyone have an enjoyable and memorable Halloween.

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