The Ancestral Pueblo people back in the day at Mesa Verde knew that not having water wasn't an option. Here's a look inside the lives' of the Ancestral Pueblo people and how they made sure they had access to water.

Water is one of those things that you just can't go without in life. The Ancestral Pueblo people knew exactly what to do to make sure they always had access to water. Take a look at how there's lots of moss and greenery lining the back of this alcove at Mesa Verde National park.

The Ancestral Pueblo people made sure they had water in this cliff dwelling by carving into the shale floor, according to Mesa Verde National Park's Facebook. They collected water by making channels and pools because going without water wasn't an option.

It's amazing to be able to look inside the lives' of the Ancestral Pueblo People and see what they did to survive. Not only this cliff dwelling, but all of the Mesa Verde National Park is astonishing and full of ingenuity.

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