There's so much to look forward to this week. After asking you on our Facebook, these are all of the things Grand Junction is looking forward to this week.

I wanted to go into the week with positivity, so I asked to see what you're looking forward to this week on our Facebook. It's always important to have things to look forward to.

This is what Grand Junction can't wait for this week.

Music + Sports

This is going to be an amazing concert, I've always wanted to see Ozzy in concert. (Can I come with?)

There were a few responses about the Broncos and Rockies. Grand Junction is looking forward to watching the game at home or watching in person -- but they're most of all, they're looking forward to the wins.

Work + Weekend

Jason is looking forward to Friday and I agree, because I am too. I think most of Grand Junction can't wait for it to be Friday.

Some of Grand Junction is ready for the time off during the weekend and other people are ready to make some money and work. I look forward to both making money and spending money.


I'm very thankful for the rain this week because we need it here in Grand Junction. Plus, it gives off such a fresh and peaceful feeling.

I wore a sweater for the first time this week and it felt weird. It's been a while since we've felt that coolness, but we welcome it here in Grand Junction.

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