Who doesn't love airplanes? Unless you have had a crazy experience on one then I totally get it. I've had a few close calls on a plane before myself. I've had two flights over the years get hit by lightning but everything ended well thankfully.

For the most part, planes are pretty cool. Growing up in the midwest we got to see a lot of air shows. That meant sometimes you could get on board some of the planes and sit in the pilot's seat. Today we are going to look at a Colorado restaurant that gives its customers the chance to do the same thing.

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Now Boarding at Airplane Restaurant in Colorado Springs

Check out this restaurant in Colorado Springs that lets you board an old KC 97 Tanker while you chow down for lunch or dinner. You definitely do not see this every day. It's the greatest thing to ever happen to airline food in Colorado.

Dine Inside a KC 97 Tanker at the Airplane Restaurant in Colorado Springs

Airline food never had it so good. Enjoy a mile-high experience in the dining area or select a table on the airplane itself.

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