Adam Levine is speaking out about the, um, overzealous fan who crashed Maroon 5's Anaheim concert on Monday, April 6. (You know the one.)

Talking with his fellow Voice comrades Carson Daly and Blake Shelton on TODAY, Adam recalled the startling experience.

"She ran full speed at me, and I was, you know, singing," he said. "I was not aware of her. She was on me, the next thing I knew."

"I kind of had to, like, I guess, deal with it 'cause there was no one around," the M5 frontman revealed. (Why did it take so long for security to come?) "So I looked at her, and I kind of held her shoulders. I'm like, 'You need to calm down — please calm down, relax.' And I put my arm around her. And then by that time, someone had managed to make their way up there and remove her from the stage."

While the girl was probably just a harmless (and most likely drunk) fan, there's no denying that someone jumping up onstage and immediately throwing their arms around you is kind of terrifying. Adam was completely taken off guard and fortunately reacted the best way he could in the situation — trying to keep the girl calm. Pretty quick thinking there, Adam Levine.

You can watch the full interview on TODAY on Monday (April 13), but until then, we'll leave you with one final (hilarious tidbit).

"What happened?" Blake Shelton reportedly asked his fellow mentor.

"She's in prison," Adam laughed.

Watch Adam Levine discuss the scary incident in the video above, and watch the actual stage crash in the clip below.

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