A building sits in Colorado's wilderness abandoned and full of graffiti art.

Strange Architecture

Beginning with the obvious, based on the style of the building its original purpose is questionable. The building is four stories tall with a basement, each floor has large windows and patios that jut out of the front. Strange as that setup may sound, it's also quite odd that the only way to get from one floor to another is via ladders that connect ceilings to floors through a narrow hole.

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Near Colorado Springs

Though the videographers that explored the building and documented their journey don't mention exactly where the building is located, it's reasonable to assume that it's located near Colorado Springs. Not only is Cheyenne Mountain visible from the building but it has been tagged with "ACDMY BLVD," which is likely referring to the popular Academy Boulevard in Colorado Springs.

Not Likely Open to the Public

Most places like this are off-limits to the public and don "No Trespassing" signs, but thanks to the videographers that bravely (or recklessly) explored it, you can take a virtual tour of this strange building and its seemingly never-ending graffiti.

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