These are the dishes that Grand Junction isn't looking forward to this Thanksgiving. Here's a list of Grand Junction's seven least favorite Thanksgiving foods.

Sometimes the reason for passing on a Thanksgiving dish is the texture, or maybe the seasoning. And sometimes, people love the main part of the dish, just not the rest of the ingredients or the way you prepared it.

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When it comes to pumpkin pie it's combination of the taste and the texture, they're both not good to me, so this Thanksgiving I'm passing on this dish big time. We wanted to know what your least favorite Thanksgiving dishes are, so we asked you on our Facebook.

This is a list of the food that Grand Junction will not be putting on their plate, but will keep on passing. Here are Grand Junction's least favorite Thanksgiving dishes, starting with your least favorite first:

  • 1

    Green Bean Casserole

    Grand Junction's absolute least favorite Thanksgiving dish is green bean casserole. I definitely agree, considering I never even thought about making this dish for Thanksgiving. The only good part -- is the crunchy stuff on top.

  • 2

    Cranberry Sauce

    Cranberry sauce is Grand Junction's second least favorite Thanksgiving food. Last year when I made some orange cranberry relish, I maybe ate a spoonful or two. The worst kind of cranberry sauce is the kind that looks more like jello than sauce.

  • 3


    Turkey comes in as #3 on Grand Junction's least favorite Thanksgiving foods list. Turkey isn't exactly the most flavorful food, which is why I make both turkey and ham -- and lots of sides.

  • 4


    Here's the fourth Thanksgiving dish that you won't catch on Grand Junction's plates -- yams. It yet another dish I didn't even consider making for Thanksgiving.

  • 5


    Whenever I found out that stuffing is one of Grand Junction's least favorite Thanksgiving dishes, I was shocked, I was hurt. But then I had a revelation, the less stuffing you eat means that just means more for me.

  • 6

    Pumpkin Pie

    Grand Junction's sixth least favorite Thanksgiving food is pumpkin pie. Finally, I am not alone. It's the texture and the taste of this dish that makes it inedible for me. (My boyfriend can have this dish.)

  • 7

    Sweet Potatoes

    The last Thanksgiving dish on Grand Junction's inedible list is anything with sweet potatoes. I like the combination of the sweet potatoes and nuts and marshmallows, it's like a side dish and a dessert all at once. I'll be eating all kinds of taters this year, sweet ones included.

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