Everyone has wondered what a day in the life is like, let's take a walk in Grand Junction's shoes.This is a look at what a day in Grand Junction is like.

Here are some pictures and videos from Instagram from the last 24 hours. It's literally a day in the life in Grand Junction.

Start Off With Perspective

It's important to maintain a good perspective and sometimes we have to take a step back to do so. This video isn't exactly 'stepping' back but it'll definitely give you a great perspective of Grand Junction. Isn't Grand Junction beautiful?

Get Pumped, Slacker

Grand Junction gets a good workout with good company. People that motivate you and push you are good people to have in your life -- Grand Junction is pretty lucky.

Be Kind and Be Brave

This sweet beagle has taught Grand Junction an important life lesson. Just be kind and be brave and you're pretty much set in life.

Beauty Is Within

Grand Junction is healed by its own natural beauty. Just like Grand Junction, we are all beautiful too.

Tacos Are Grand Junction's Pastime

Eating tacos are a hobby of Grand Junction. Grand Junction thinks tacos are tremendously tasty and a fantastic way to wrap up the day.

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