Want to know how to fight off any sicknesses before they hit you? These are all remedies that actually work!

I don't sick that often, only about once every year and a half actually. Sometimes it's two years apart. The bad part about having it so spread out is that it lasts about three times longer than it should.

So, even though I don't get sick often, I do get sick. I will be trying these out in hopes that I don't get sick as long as I normally do! The only bad part... I'll probably have to wait about a year to do so *knocks on wood*.

I'm just going to have to trust these unless you've tried any! I'd love to hear some other suggestions about remedies for any type of sickness really. I also have kids and they get sick WAY more often than I do.

The only thing from this list that I've tried before (I think it's the only one), is the honey for a cough. I remember it helping sometimes but I don't think it ever cured anything or made it THAT much better. So, what have you tried from this list?

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