I recently started going to a Zumba class here in Grand Junction and the only thing I regret, is not going sooner.

I've been having a lot of fun while I'm at Zumba at Crossroads Fitness. I don't know about you, but that's not exactly something I'm used to saying. Here are five reasons to take a Western Colorado Zumba class.

  • 1

    It's Basically a Dance Party

    Zumba is so much fun, the classes are often called exercise in disguise, according to the Zumba website. It's like going to a dance party. Lots of music and lots of fun.

  • 2

    Sweat It Out and Become a Strawberry

    Whatever toxins were in your body, are all getting out while you're at a Zumba class.There's no doubt that you will break a sweat while you're there. My face looked like a strawberry after Zumba don't worry, you'll transform into one too.

  • 3

    Zumba Rocks Your Whole Body

    Zumba will rock your body (like the song) and I mean your whole body. No need to split up your workout, because Zumba works out all of it.

  • 4

    Ready to Spring on Spring

    It's understandable that you become more sedentary during the colder months. But Springtime is on the way. Shake off the cold and get ready to spring on Spring with Zumba.

  • 5

    Zumba Is All Inclusive

    Zumba isn't just cardio, or muscle conditioning, it's everything. According to the Zumba website, it's cardio, muscle conditioning, balance and flexibility. It's an everything workout, Zumba is all inclusive.

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