If you want to experience Grand Junction, you need to experience not only the culture, but the local experience itself. Here are 6 of our quirkiest and original downtown Grand Junction stores you need to go check out.

Willow Creek Herbs and Teas

Willow Creek Herbs and Teas is super rad, because they have some of the most afforable tea in town. You can inform them of a general idea of what you're looking for, or what symptoms you're fighting, and they will suggest tea to help. Everything they carry is natural, and fresh, and they really do have the best prices around.

The Shade Tree

The Shade Tree is a great place to take your lady friends, because I guarantee you if will turn them into a kid in a candy shop. They have hats of al different styles, and it will bring them back to the days they would play dress up as kids. The Shade Tree has some really quirky, and really cute hats, and they can try them all on. They also have some great men's styles as well.

Toys For The Fun Of It

Toys For The Fun Of It is a staple of Downtown Grand Junction, with an eclectic collection of old fashioned, and brand new toys. They have toy train sets you can play with, and old fashioned Slinkies, as well as (my favorite) the science project toys, frisbees, and more.

Roasted Coffee

Roasted is definitely a staple of downtown Grand Junction. Locally grown and roasted coffee, from Legacy Coffee, and one of the most eclectic downtown scenes in town. Try one of their Roasted Chai's or Rocket Fuels, and you'll perk up the rest of your day.

Pablo's Pizza

Pablo's Pizza has some pretty stellar pizza recipes, like something straight out of the Ninja Turtles. They sell by the slice or by the pie, and they really do have some of the most unique pizza available. The best part is, it's always super tasty.

That should lay out a pretty great day of Downtown Grand Junction for you. Of course, you should check out all of the stores in between each of these as well. You can't really go wrong with a fun day in Downtown Grand Junction!

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