Pumpkin spice everything season is almost here and I hate pumpkin flavored anything. These are five drinks you can get in Grand Junction, for the non-pumpkin lover.

I'm not sure where my hatred for pumpkins stemmed from. Maybe it's the terrible smell that you get while carving a pumpkin, or the weird texture and disappointing taste while eating a pumpkin pie.

I'm not sure, but when all of the pumpkin-flavored and scented everything comes out, I'm annoyed. Especially pumpkin spice lattes! No, I don't want to see them on Facebook or Instagram and no I don't want to try yours. You should try these non-pumpkin drinks instead.

Peppermint Mocha

Peppermint + mocha = delicious. This drink is tasty and refreshing. You can get it hot or cold and they're equally delicious! You can grab one of these from Octopus Coffee at 443 N 6th Street and 759 Horizon Drive.


Straight up good coffee is at Mihaela's Bakery. There's hot or cold coffee, or maybe just some espresso, or maybe coffee with espresso to get you going. There's also a bunch of delicious pastries at Mihaela's on 150 West Main Street.

Canyon Breeze

The Canyon Breeze is a delicious breeze for your mouth. Dark chocolate and hazelnut served hot or cold, reminds me of Nutella -- and I love Nutella. Catch a Canyon Breeze at Traders Coffee and Tea. Don't let the address steer you away! Traders Coffe and Tea is at 666 Patterson Road and there's one in Montrose too.


I love me some chai! It's such a nice blend of sweet and spicy. You can get your chai spiced, iced, vanilla flavored, green or roasted. Get your Roasted Chai at Roasted Espresso and Subs at 502 Colorado Avenue.

Cookie Butter Latte

I've never had one of these but I saw a picture on Yelp and now I need it! This Cookie Butter Latter is served with a graham cracker crumble on top. Yummy! Get your dessert in a drink at Grand Junction Mountain Grind Coffee Company.

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