Grand Junction Etsy has a variety of vintage items, suit for straight up royalty. Channel your inner Disney princess with these five vintage Etsy items.

  • Silver Comb For Your Mermaid Hair

    The Little Mermaid
    MMFUNFINDS via Etsy

    This silver comb is perfect for your luxurious mermaid hair. You might as well be wearing a shell bra, have a flounder best friend, you're basically Ariel.

  • Beaded White Gloves For Your Ball Gown


    What could you possibly wear with these beautiful, long vintage white gloves? A ball gown like Cinderella of course -- or jeans, the choice is yours.

  • Pongo and Patch (Or Another Dalmatian Puppy)

    101 Dalmatians
    MMFUNFINDS via Etsy

    It's hard to pick which part of Disney you're channeling with these 101 Dalmatians figurines here. Maybe Perdy, the mom of all the puppies, or maybe the forever-hungry Rolly?

  • Your Own Flock of Birds For You To Sing To

    Sleeping Beauty
    BookcliffVintage via Etsy

    The days of you singing to yourself in the shower are over. Now you have your own birds to sing to, you Sleeping (Singing) Beauty you.

  • Your Inner Beauty Will Blossom With This Flower Pot

    Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs
    MMFUNFINDS via Etsy

    Your inner beautify will truly blossom with this Snow White flower pot. Plant your flower (any plant you desire) and the seven dwarfs will surely follow.