This story totally breaks my heart. If you haven't heard of Maggie Long please allow me to have just a minute of your time so that I can briefly explain who this brave teenager was.

Colorado girl Maggie Long was a student at Platte Canyon High School located in Bailey, Colorado. A delightful young lady that did very well in school and was thriving just before her tragic death that took place on December 1, 2017.

According to Channel 9news Maggie was in charge of the VIP section at a concert held at her high school when she left to go home and grab some more cookies for the audience. Sadly, Maggie never returned.

When Maggie arrived at her home she had no clue that she would find herself in trouble with intruders that had been inside.

Maggie ended up being face to face with death as the monstrous intruders had burned her alive on purpose.

The Park County Sheriff's Office had reported this week that new evidence has been revealed in Maggie Long's case.

Sheriff Tom McGraw has put together a new website for Maggie in hopes that someone may be able to recognize the three that they believe are behind this horrific crime; is safe and confidential.

If nothing else Sheriff McGraw encourages everyone to share the website and photos of those accused in this barbaric crime.

In addition, someone may be able to help as they continue hunting for certain weapons that were apparently used as well.

If you know ANYTHING the smallest detail could help Maggie Long finally receive justice. You may have a private conversation with the Sheriff by going to Maggie's website or call 303-239-4243.

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