The 2014 Mazda CX-5 commercial, featuring the late snowboarding pioneer Tom Sims, sets up a comparison between methods of snowy slopes navigation and that of this SUV. It celebrates the notion of Sims' creativity juxtaposed with the car brand's own forward progress. There's an indie pop tune with a bit of a retro and soulful edge accompanying the action. What's the song?

It's by Los Angeles band Fitz and the Tantrums,' and it's their song 'Dear Mr. President,' which is the second song on 'Pickin' Up the Pieces,' their debut album, which came out in 2010.

Mazda sure is making use of good music as it advances the idea that its vehicles are changing the way we look at cars. If any band could further the idea that cars and carmakers have passionate souls, it's Fitz and the Tantrums.

Sims, by the way, created something he called a skiboard, which was a snowboard and ski hybrid. He is largely viewed as an inventor of snowboarding.