15 years ago today, the Killdozer went on a rampage in Granby, Colorado. This is the story of the killdozer, a man in a custom bulldozer/tank seeking destruction.

On June 4, 2004, in Granby, Colorado, Marvin Heemeyer completely lost it. He built a custom, armored bulldozer/tank and went on a rampage.

It's believed that there was a zoning dispute between Marvin and the Granby town council and this is what caused the rampage. Marvin drove his Killdozer around Granby for a couple of hours seeking destruction.

The Town Hall, a bank, a local newspaper and all became victims of the Killdozer. Marvin drove the kill dozer into one side of a local Granby bank, and out the other. It seemed like he chose each building systematically.

No one was hurt during the Killdozer incident in 2004, except for Marvin. When the Killdozer got stuck, Marvin Heemeyer committed suicide.

A science-fiction film called 'Killdozer!' came out in 1974, which was about a bulldozer that became possessed by an alien life form. It seems like Marvin was inspired by this and had been planning his rampage, waiting for the day to use the Killdozer.

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