Authorities in Mesa County stopped a 13-year-old driving with 25 pounds of Meth.

Tuesday morning (Aug.22) a Mesa County Sheriff Deputy stopped a Dodge Avenger was stopped near Fruita. During the search of the vehicle, the MCSO found twenty-five pounds of meth hidden in the car.

Not only was there a crazy amount of drugs in the car, but the driver was only 13 years old. You heard me correct a minor was driving a drug filled car.  The other two involved were in their twenties and were also arrested.

They were initially pulled over because the driver couldn't stay in one lane. That is when they found that the driver didn't have a valid drivers license and was a minor. That prompted a search of the vehicle in which the drugs were found.

This is what is wrong with people nowadays. They think that trying to trick the system will get them out of trouble. It seems to be a continuous cycle that will never end.

A big THANK YOU needs to go out to the MCSO for stopping this before they got the drugs to wherever they were taking. Getting those drugs off the streets makes ours that much safer.

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