There's nothing like beer to lift your spirits during a stressful pandemic.

This is the idea behind 'Colorado Strong Ale', a brew whose invention was organized by the Colorado Brewers Guild and the Left Hand Brewing Foundation, according to The Know. 

The proceeds from Colorado Strong Ale will benefit small businesses across Colorado, including those that work with our local craft brewers like malt companies, hop growers, and more.

So how do 125 brewers all brew a beer together? Each brewery will get the same recipe and create the beer, but they are encouraged to put their own spin on the final product. Each brewery will also get their ingredients free of charge, and will contribute a percentage of their sales to health care, hospitality, service industry and gig economy workers impacted by the pandemic.

Beer is such a huge part of Colorado's culture, and this is yet another way to bring our state closer together during this difficult time.

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