These 10 pictures truly show off Grand Junction's Christmas spirit. From Christmas cookies, to Christmas lights, to Christmas pets, Grand Junction has got the spirit. Yes, we do.

We're increasing the Christmas spirit here in Grand Junction, one ornament at a time.

Grand Junction is lit. All of the spirit literally lights us up.

Christmas cookies, you make my mouth water. My Christmas spirit grows with each bite.

Grand Junction's Christmas spirit has a presence...with presents.

Now this is a lot of Christmas spirit for anyone to handle. The dog wears it well.

The spirit knows no age. This is an adorable, heartwarming card from a Christmas spirited Girl Scout.

The Christmas spirit is amazing in that although it may appear as a sweater -- that Christmas sweater can also be a dress. (If you truly believe.)

It's like an overload of Christmas spirit in this picture. From the Christmas jammies, to the Christmas onesies, to Santa himself, I can really feel the spirit.

Would you even be in Grand Junction if you didn't take a hike? I heard the more you do it, the more your Christmas cheer is for all to hear.

I know it's not Christmas until I'm yelling at my cat to stop playing with the Christmas tree. I can already see the spirit taking over this one. Ornaments, lights, anything on the tree -- watch out for that Christmas kitty spirit.

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