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If you had to ask me, I would say that one of the biggest reasons for Colorado breakups in 2020 would be quarantining together, or maybe even spending too much time apart due to isolation.

According to a study by American Addiction Centers, neither are the main cause. One in three (32%) Colorado relationships actually fell apart this year with alcohol as the cited factor, said a press release.

Addiction is already a heavy burden to bear, but add on the stress of the pandemic and many, I'm sure, would admit that it's had a negative effect on romantic relationships. Plus, the added betrayal of lying about the addiction to a partner was another reason cited in the study for the further distance between couples: "over one in five (22%) people in relationships admit they have lied to their partner about the amount of alcohol they have consumed".

Communication is so important in a relationship, and being honest about hardships in your life has the possibility of bringing you and your partner closer together. However, if you need serious help with your addiction, there are resources available to you right here. 

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