When I was just a kid I got involved in a game that has lasted my whole life. And now I get to share it with our millions (and millions) of fans everywhere. It is called,


My father also told me this game was around when he was a young lad but it went by the names, gotcha and chump circle. I can tell you right now I laughed pretty hard when he told me that.

The rules for the game are really pretty simple, get somebody to look at the circle without going in their direct line of sight.

There are a few more rules that go along with the game to make it a little more challenging.

  •  It must be below the belt line or it doesn't count.

  • Using an object is considering a disqualification.

  • Points are based on the honor system.

  • Assists are given for helping direct the eyes towards the circle.

Knowing that my dad, brother and I all played this game when we were young kids astounds me. Playing it together now as adults, it makes it so much more fun.

With the sudden circle game movement on social media, it is played a little differently. People are putting the circles all over the place. On car, signs, statues, you name it.

I say why not throw a circle to the wind and find out who gets caught looking. It's ok to be a kid every once in awhile.