Fall brings some cold and extra dry weather with it. Here are a few skincare tips for to keep your gorgeous glow through fall here in the Grand Valley.


  • Get to Drinking This


    Water, that is.I have definitely noticed a change in my body since I've moved to Grand Junction. My mouth is constantly dry as well as my lips and skin. Drinking water is the very first step to take for taking care of your skin.

  • Drink Less of These


    You can just say the word coffee and my mouth starts watering -- needless to say I love coffee. Drinks like coffee, alcohol, soda, and energy drinks are all dehydrating and will make your skin even drier than before.

  • You Are What You Eat


    Food makes a huge impact on your skin because after all, you are what you eat. Any food that contains lots of sodium, sugar or is processed can dry you out. Anything that's fried, popcorn, chips and even unlikely foods like asparagus and pasta dehydrate you too.

  • Exfoliate and Moisturize


    Your skin is constantly shedding and producing new skin cells, which is why it's important to exfoliate. Exfoliation will help your skin absorb the moisture, bringing out that gorgeous glow of yours. Whether you use cream, lotion, oil or aloe, just make sure to moisturize.

  • Protect Yourself

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    I used to refuse to wear sunscreen, can you believe it? Now every lotion I buy has SPF in it. Sure, I love being tan, but protecting my skin not only makes it feel better (fewer sunburns/wrinkles/sun spots) but it's a sure way to have that good lookin' skin for years to come.