Two horses were rescued last week in Southern Utah in what Animal Control officers described as one of the worst cases they've ever seen.

Fox News 13 in Salt Lake City says officers responded to a call last Thursday, and found a malnourished 1-year-old horse on its side frozen to the ground. Her mother was close by and just as badly malnourished.

The 1-year-old colt's head was basically frozen to the mud on the ground. Rescuers had to pry the horse from the ground and carry her to a near by trailer. She wasn't even able to hold her head up.

Veterinarians use a 10-point scale to describe an animal's malnourishment condition, the mother and the young horse both only registered a one.

The horses were taken to Dust Devil Ranch Horse Sanctuary in Cedar City, Utah to recover.

The animals are slowly recovering but the younger horse required 24 hour observation for the first 2 days of recovery.

The investigation is ongoing but the owner of the two horses will been charged with 2 counts of animal neglect.