In honor of National Drink a Beer Day, here are five delicious beer to drink right here in the Grand Valley. Whether you're into porters or hefeweizens, there's a beer for you.

Rockslide Brewery

Raspberry Wheat

This Raspberry Wheat beer is the perfect combination of raspberry + wheat. Not tpp sweet, and not too wheat.This brewery is on 401 Main Street in downtown Grand Junction,

Palisade Brewing Company

Dirty Hippie

You know the saying, a dirty hippie, is a good hippie. This Dark Wheat Ale is a delicious beer from Palisade Brewing Company, I got it for its name, but I'll drink it again for its taste. Palisade Brewing Company is on 200 Peach Avenue in Palisade.

Kannah Creek Brewery

Highside Hefeweizen

You can't go wrong with a traditional German-style wheat beer! Crispy, clove-y and refreshing! Kannah Creek Brewery is on N. 12th Street in Grand Junction, on Kokopelli Drive in Fruita and Edgewater Brewery is on Struthers Avenue in Junction.

Many Rivers Brewing

Amber Ale

Many Rivers' signature style of beer, is their Rocky Mountain Amber Ale. Not only is this beer a gorgeous color, its a gorgeous taste too. Many Rivers Brewing in Grand Junction and 100% of the profits go toward protecting and conserving rivers.

Copper Club Brewing

Aspen Street Coffee Porter

I love coffee and I love beer, put them together and it's magic. The Aspen Street Coffee Porter is made with Aspen Street Coffee's organic medium roast house blend. Copper Club Brewing is on 233 E. Aspen Street in Fruita. Cheers!